Online Session: Yoga for Sanity


The ability to adjust to the new normal and challenges of being confined in your own home must have affected your physical and emotional wellbeing. As we continue to play our parts by staying at home, it has been a long battle since our first nationwide lockdown – and we feel for you.

31st July 2021 (Saturday)


Online via Zoom meeting

Age group
13 and above

Class description
This Flow yoga class will bring awareness to your breath and body through mindful movements in a sequence of postures. As we focus on our breath and alignment, this practice will challenge your mind and body leaving you feeling energised and balanced. All yoga levels are welcomed as options and modifications will be offered if needed.

1. Increase stamina, strength and flexibility.
2. Relieves stress
3. Improves mental health

Equipment needed
Yoga mat, Yoga blocks (can be substituted with thick hard-cover books), Yoga strap (can be substituted with a towel/tie/belt)

Introductory price