The recent Covid-19 pandemic has seen a surge in demand for temporary nannies, to cater the needs of parents who are either working at the frontline, or even at home, as childcare centres that they usually send their children to are temporarily closed as authorities declared lockdowns to stem the spread of the contagious virus.

As the childcare centres — and schools for that matter, are shuttered for an indefinite period, children of all ages have to be at home; necessitating parents to source for childcare help if they themselves are unable to cope.

Even for parents who work from home, babysitting a child isn’t a simple task, and it gets harder for younger children. This is as work commitments, wherever it is, and require full focus most of the time; even answering work calls and the odd teleconferencing via Zoom, Skype, etc. may cause childrens to potentially feel neglected, even in close proximity to their parents, and worse — is the risk of unwanted domestic accidents as parents are preoccupied with work.

That is why at Kiddocare, we ensure that we screen all our Kiddocarers; that they have received the necessary training and knowledge of best practices to maintain personal hygiene and that of the child they are tending to, besides keeping them entertained and taking care of their basic needs while their parents attend to work.

The recent pandemic has also impacted businesses such as childcare centres, as closures can potentially mean losses in the short term, and even if they are allowed to reopen, doubts may still linger in parents’ minds as to whether or not it’ll be safe to put their child back in the centre, thus causing uncertainties to the business’ growth in the long run.

Therefore, with more parents turning to temporary nannies as a safer option since they come to houses instead of the other way around, Kiddocare has seen a potential in changing the conventional mindset on babysitting, bringing mobile, on demand, trained and vetted carers, to parents who wants care for their children.

And specific to the MCO, we have partnered with Projek Wawasan Rakyat and ABIM recently in providing subsidized childcare services to the frontliners, particularly those working in hospitals, with great success as people see the benefits of such temporary arrangement for their childcare needs.

Want to find out how Kiddocare can help you out? With our comprehensive childcare services at competitive rates, surely there’s a plan suitable for your needs. Call us at 019-8830175 and we’ll be glad to be of service.

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