Before you start on a baby-clothes shopping spree – STOP AND READ THIS ARTICLE FIRST! There are really only 5 categories of baby clothing that you need for the first few weeks you are home.

1. Bodysuits & T-shirts in Size 3-6 Months

Purchase more bodysuits in 3-6 months because very few babies fit into 0-3 months for more than a few weeks. You can buy a few in the smaller sizes and then the rest in the larger sizes.

2. Pyjamas & Booties

Regardless of the season your baby is born, they will sleep on average of 18 hours per day. It’s essential that they’re kept comfortable with pyjamas and booties.

3. Shoes, Socks & Hats

Buy shoes that are soft-soled, slip on, and warm – even better if they can be worn with or without socks. When choosing socks, always opt for cotton; it’s a natural product and soft on the skin.

4. Baby Outerwear

For warmer weather, hooded zip-up sweatshirts or thin cotton jackets are easily layered so your baby can stay cool and comfy all day long.

5. Everyday Wear

Simplicity is a must. Look for items that will give you easy access for diaper changes, like slip-on pants, side-snap shirts, and buttoned coveralls. These make cleaning your baby easy, without constantly having to pull clothes over your little one’s head.


Babies can easily get messy and you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing laundry in those first few weeks at home. Consider buying in bulk online and let the delivery service do the heavy lifting for you!
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