School holiday is here again! If you don’t have any plans yet, these are some ideas you can try to keep you and your kids occupied.

1. Teach your kid to be a young chef with simple, kid-friendly recipes. It’s also nice to have a little helper in the kitchen!

2. Exercise your creativity by planning an outdoor scavenger hunt or treasure hunt.

3. Design and build a kite together with your kid. After you’re done, go to the nearest park or open area to get it in action!

4. For the animal lovers – instil awareness on animals by organising a day trip to an animal farm or Zoo Negara.

5. For the nature lovers – organise a simple camping trip with friends & family. There are numerous family-friendly rivers and camping spots in Malaysia. Google them!

6. Teach your kids the value of giving back to the community by doing volunteer work at your local community centre or Soup Kitchen.

7. Future-proof your children by sending them to a technology workshop (IoT, Arduino, Coding, Robotics, etc.)

8. Cultivate your kids’ green thumb by planting flowers, herbs or plants in your yard.

9. Creative writing – encourage them to grab their favourite book at your local library and write their own tale.

10. Unleash your kids’ inner strategist by playing board games like Monopoly, Sahibba and others.

Remember. What’s important is to make sure your kids are growing and learning even during school holidays. Furthermore, you’ll get to bond and spend some precious quality time together!

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