Mittens are used on newborns to prevent their nail from scratching their skin. However, there are a number of reasons to skip purchasing these for your baby. So today we’re telling you why. Read on to find out…

1. Mittens don’t stay on well

Although mittens have elasticized wrists, most mittens don’t go far enough up the arm to stay on.

2. Your baby uses his/her hands to soothe himself/herself

Babies use his/her hands to soothe themselves. With his/her hands covered, it will be harder to use their hands which may make them frustrated.

3. Hand covers block your baby’s sense of touch

Many babies love to explore their sense of touch immediately upon birth, like grabbing for mom and dad’s hands. You’ll find that they will continue to touch everything they can get their hands on and examine the texture.

4. Dirty mittens may cause diseases

Babies put their hands in their mouth a lot. So the mittens have to be kept clean at all times or it may cause diseases.

5. You can easily prevent scratching without mittens

If you do regular nail maintenance, such as filing or clipping, you can keep your baby paper-thin nails short enough to prevent scratching.


Alternatively, you can dress your baby in bodysuits with built-in hand covers. In any case, there are other ways you and your baby can live without mittens.
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