“Favouritism” is something that most parents try to avoid although a large number of parents unintentionally succumb to it. Some are necessary (like paying more attention to newborns/sick/disabled child than the other siblings) and some are not.

So today, we’re sharing some tips on how to start giving equal and fair treatment to all your children. Read on below…

1. Talk to your child about their needs.

You should always strive to know what your child needs. Observe and allow each child to tell you what their needs are, and do your best to discuss those needs and deliver on ones that are reasonable.

2. Treat each child according to their individual needs.

Focus on meeting each child’s needs, and spread your energy and resources as best you can between all your children.

3. Set aside time to Involve yourself with each child individually.

This allows you to pinpoint the needs of each child and make them feel special and loved equally. In addition, having regular time with each child will strengthen your bond with them.

It may be hard to treat each child perfectly equally due to differing circumstances – but as parents, it’s all we can do to ensure each child deserves the treatment they deserve.

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