It is the aim of all parents to have a smart child. Here are 5 signs that you can look out for to determine if your child’s mental development is above average :


1. Your child starts to speak at a very young age and has a large vocabulary. He/she speaks very well in complete sentences as well as asking a lot of questions. This shows a natural curiosity to learn and understand the world around them.

2. He/she is an early reader and prefers advanced topics. If your child is already reading beyond his/her age group, this might be because lesser readings doesn’t challenge them.

3. He/she is inclined to explore and pick up unique hobbies and interests.

4. A quick capacity for learning and retention combined with an intellectual curiosity – gifted kids usually have a very detailed knowledge of certain subjects and they’d rather discuss it with adults who can understand, not kids.

5. Bright kids have long attention spans with a high energy level and superb memories. They tend to enjoy solving arithmetic, puzzles and mazes. They also tend to be perfectionists.


If you notice these signs in your kids than your kids are probably born gifted. Therefore, you might consider having an assessment performed by an educational psychologist or child development expert. It will help you to raise your kids at his/her right pace and standard.
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