Raising your child to be a strong, confident individual can be hard. Physical and mental developments happen during the early stages of childhood so the earlier you start in your child’s personality development the better.

1. Make It Your Priority

Parenting should be your priority. You may be busy managing work and home but do spend more time with your child. Your behaviour with your child will play a role in developing his/her personality.

2. Review Your Parenting Skills

Keep track of your own parenting skills. Ponder over how you behave in certain situations. See if it has an impact on your child’s behaviour and always check if you have reasonable expectations from your child.

3. Avoid Labels

Do not label your child. It’s wrong, even if you’re comparing him/her to someone who is a good person. Allow your child to express his/her personality. Do not force him/her to behave in a particular way unless its clearly damaging.

4. Accept And Move On

Every individual has their own shortcomings. Keep realistic expectations from your child. Encourage him/her to excel at what he/she best at and try out new things. Do not dampen his/her spirits by constantly nagging him/her about something he/she isn’t good at.

5. Pay Close Attention

Social media plays a huge role in influencing your child’s behaviour. Pay close attention to your child’s online activities and interests. Keep track of the new things he/she learns and whether he/she finds it enjoyable.

6. Set A Good Example

At this stage of life, your child is much more likely to mimic you and your partner. You will need to be on your best behaviour at all times. Set a good example for your child.

7. Set The Rules

Set down a list of rules. Establish a healthy communication system with your child. This will help strengthen the parent-child bonding you share.

8. Punish Lovingly

The trick to handle your child is to penalize him/her lovingly when he/she does something wrong. Explain why you don’t approve of certain activities, and say that you will be sad or disappointed if he/she does so.

9. Listen Up

Giving your child undivided attention always works wonders. Listen to your child’s concerns. This will give him/her a sense of importance and boost his/her confidence and strength.

10. Help Him/her Out

The best way to help your child glide through it all is to be there for him/her. You will need to be your child’s support system. Give guidance and help through his/her ups and downs.

Remember, each child is different and you need to understand what approach works best in handling your child. Your constant love, support and faith is what will help your child develop a confident and loving personality.

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