There are many types of strollers – “prams” are old-fashioned carriages, big wheels and fancy canopy for an infant. A “travel system” comes with a car seat that can snap onto it. “Jogging strollers” are sporty three-wheelers you can run with whilst “umbrella stroller” is small, lightweight and normally suitable for a baby 6 months or older.

Here is what to consider when buying a stroller:

1. Is the handlebar high enough?

Take a few strollers for a test push. Look for handles that fit your height and your gait so that I will be easier or you to maneuver.

2. Where will you put the diaper bag, groceries and other items?

A basket under the seat is very important. Unfortunately, the feature is not compulsory to have on all strollers so try to look for one that has this particular feature. Additionally, good-to-have features are storage spaces on the handlebar and side pockets.

3. Can you fold it easily?

Make sure can be easily folded and loaded into your car. You can test this feature before you buy.

4. Can you steer it?

You must always test-push a stroller. Can it turn corners? Maneuver through tight spaces? Pretend your baby just tossed his/her sippy cup on the sidewalk and you have to spin around 180 degrees to retrieve it. Is it easy to do so?

5. How much does it weigh?

The lighter the stroller, the easier it is to push, travel with, pack in the car, carry upstairs, and so forth. Some parents worry that if a stroller feels lightweight, it’s shoddily made. It is not true as weight does not equal quality – there are various lightweight but sturdy materials available in these modern age.

6. Can it carry a car seat?

Travel systems are popular because you can take a sleeping infant out of the car with the seat and snap it right onto the stroller. Also, the price of the combo is normally cheaper than the sum of the separate pieces.

7. Does it have the features you want?

Once your child is old enough, it’s nice to have the bar on the front of the stroller swing open and shut so he/she can climb in by him/herself. All good strollers have locking wheels and harness straps. Also, look for a removable seat cushion for easy cleaning.

One of the best ways to choose is to ask recommendation from anyone you know, who has a lifestyle similar to yours. Always remember to test drive the stroller with your baby inside to get the feel of it!

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